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Non-surgical Nose Job with SL Clinic


We all have some form of insecurities. For me, it has always been my nose. I’ve considered getting a rhinoplasty but the idea of having a surgeon cut and lift my nose up, then insert something into my nose has always terrified me. Not to mention the risk of complications, a botched job, longer downtime, and the fear of my kids knocking on my nose and displacing it. All these reasons have put the idea of a rhinoplasty on a definite no go. I chickened out on that idea, to be honest. 

Whenever I run my finger down my nose, the very slight bump (dorsal hump) on the bridge of my nose bothers me. A few years ago, I tried having filler to correct that and to give my bridge a little lift. But the result was rather disappointing. The doctor used a very old technique to inject the filler which resulted in a wide bridge. Fortunately, it was only temporary and only lasted for 6 months before my body completely broke down and absorbed the filler. 

That was before the dermal thread was popular. After seeing great results of nose thread lifts my friends did overseas, I was tempted to try. But not before a thorough consultation with my trusted aesthetic doctor, Dr Kelvin Chua of SL Clinic. He patiently walked me through the process and answered all my queries.

What I appreciate about Dr Chua is that he told me it’s okay to think about it and let him know my decision instead of trying to seal on the spot. I went home without doing the procedure as I needed time to digest the information. A week later, I made an appointment for the procedure and opted for the filler + thread approach for a more defined bridge.

Nose threadlift is a nasal augmentation procedure, in which short 3.8-5cm or 5-7cm polydioxanone (PDO) threads that are 100% bio-compatible and absorbable by our bodies, are inserted on the nasal bridge or the columella. Stacking each thread allows the doctor to shape the ideal nose shape, height and definition. The threads promote collagen production which gives structure. The threads will slowly dissolve in our body within 6 months but the collagen that forms during that time will help to support the new shape of the nose for 12-18 months. 

The therapist at the clinic cleansed my nose area and applied a numbing cream. Then I waited for about 20 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect. 

After my nose was numbed, the cream was wiped off and Dr Chua proceeded with injecting the filler on the bridge of my nose. By doing so, the filler created a space in the columella so the threads can slide in more smoothly. The filler also contains lidocaine which helps numb the area further.

The filler was quite painless. However, the insertion of threads was more uncomfortable, especially at the point where the bump was. Dr Chua inserted 8 threads through the same puncture hole at the tip of my nose. The number of thread each individual needs is dependent on the height you are trying to achieve. 

Then a little filler and 2 more threads were inserted vertically from the tip to give some height to the tip of my nose. That was surprisingly painless and not uncomfortable at all. My friends who have done the same procedure have opposite experience. Uncomfortable tip, and painless bridge. I guess everyone’s sensitivity is different. 

The whole experience was bearable and done within 25 minutes, minus the numbing part. Comparing my experience with Masseter Botox, HIFU, and Crows Feet Botox, Nose threadlift was a 4/10. The result is immediate, as seen above. 

Day 1 – 3 had the most swelling and I felt the most soreness. Icing helped bring down the swelling. I had to be more cautious and gentle when washing my face and applying skincare products. Because of the swelling, the shape of my eyes changed as the skin was pulled inwards. For the first few days, I was advised by Dr Chua not to apply any makeup on the puncture wound to avoid infection. 

After a week, the soreness has subsided by 80%. There was still some swelling, especially between my eyes and eyebrows. By this time, the punctured wound has healed nicely. 

By day 10, the only time I felt some soreness was when I blow my nose with a tissue. The swelling was minimal.

As you can see, by day 14 swelling was gone. There was no soreness, and my nose bridge has softened. My eyes no longer look pulled inwards like day 1. I look like me, but my side profile is a lot more defined with the heighten bridge! 

A few friends mentioned that I look a little different (in a good way) but couldn’t pinpoint what it was until I revealed my ‘secret’. I have to admit that during the first 2 weeks, I wasn’t quite sure if I liked how I look. That’s because I’ve always loved the shape of my eyes, but the swelling altered it quite significantly. It was until the swelling and soreness subsided and my whole look soften that I appreciate how defined my nose looks now! 

Price for the procedure depends on targetted areas and the amount of care that is needed to address your concerns. It’s best to give the clinic a call and make an appointment to visit Dr Chua at Wheelock Place for a consultation. 

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