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    Rainbow Ruffles Chocolate Sponge Cake


    3 days ago was Melody’s 4th birthday. When I asked her 2 weeks before what kind of cake she wanted, she shared that she wanted a Disney Frozen cake. I went about preparing for her cake by looking at pictures and gathering ideas on how to dress the cake up. I was also toying with the idea of either baking her a chiffon cake or a genoise cake. In the end, I found this recipe which uses a genoise method by whisking whole eggs to ribbon stage, but still producing a light and moist cake, similar to a chiffon cake. I was thrilled, and was all set to bake Melody her Frozen cake.

    Then the night before, I reminded her that she will be having her little party in school, and we will come with her cake. At this point, the cake was baked, crumb coated, base frosted, and was waiting to be decorated. She then asked if she will be getting a cake with ‘Magical Unicorn’ which really is My Little Pony. Don’t try to correct her, she gets really upset when someone pops her bubble and tell her that they are not magical unicorns. I suppose it’s not that bad that she has a little magical imaginative mind! 🙂 So anyway, I reminded her that she requested for a Frozen cake. And oh that disappointed look on her face broke my heart! I knew then that I had to change my plans. Rainbow colours came to mind, then I also thought ruffles. But I have never pipe ruffles before, neither have I piped a whole cake with fresh cream! And where do I get ‘Magical Unicorns’?!

    As the husband and I walked over to get some last minute stuff for the party, I wandered into a store that sells all sorts of stuff. There I saw 3 little rainbow ponies staring right back at me at one of the display window. My problem solved, as I knew I can use them as cake toppers. Got back home, searched on youtube on how to pipe ruffles. This is the VIDEO I watched, twice. Then I whipped up my non-dairy cream (they hold up better), coloured them with gel colours, crossed my fingers, and piped the ruffles. The only thing I did differently was to pipe from the bottom up. If you prefer to use buttercream, here is a recipe for Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I’ll share the recipe of the cake. There really isn’t any recipe for the cream though. I used Topping Pride for this cake. All you need to do is pour and whip it up till you get stiff peaks, you can flavour it with essence or extract while whipping.

    I’m so glad everyone liked the cake! That beautiful smile on Melody’s face and the excitement she exuded that day was just priceless. She now goes to bed every night, holding her ‘magical unicorns’ in her hands. It was worth every effort. 🙂 Happy birthday once again my lovely first born! Mummy, daddy, and Peighton love you to bits.

    I made 2 x recipe and sliced it in half to make a layer cake.
    Chocolate Sponge Cake (makes a 9 inch cake) adapted from Nasi lemak lover

    • 4 whole large eggs + 1 egg yolk (235g in total)
    • 130g sugar
    • 21g ovalette (Original recipe called for glucose but I didn’t have any)
    • 1g salt
    • 32g corn oil
    • 21g whole milk
    • 1 tsp baking soda
    • 96g cake flour
    • 31g good quality cocoa powder (valrhona)
    • 3-4 cups non-dairy whipped cream 
    • 6 food gel colours
    • 1 cup buttercream icing (I used my Swiss Meringue Buttercream)
    • 250g korean strawberries, sliced (optional)

    Warm corn oil in saucepan over low flame, remove from heat, and stir in cocoa powder until combined.
    Beat all the eggs, yolk, sugar, and salt on high speed until foamy.
    Add ovalette, and continue to beat on medium speed until ribbon stage.
    Sift in baking soda, cake flour, and cocoa powder and beat on low for 1-2 secs, and high for 2 secs.
    Hand fold in any remaining flour, then add 1/3 of the batter into the cocoa mixture.
    Mix until combined then add into remaining batter together with milk.
    Fold until combined.
    Pour into bottom lined 9 inch pan (do not grease, but you can line the sides if you want to.)
    Bake for 35 mins.
    Once you take it out of the oven, immediately drop it on the countertop from at least 20cm height.
    Shocking the cake stops the cake from shrinking while it cools.
    Allow to cool for 10 minutes, then remove from pan to cool completely before slicing it length-wise for layering.
    Whip 2 cups of your cream.
    Assemble cake by layering cream and strawberries in between.
    Apply a thin layer of buttercream frosting to crumb coat the cake, and chill for 30 minutes.
    Alternatively, you can put the cake in the freezer for 30 minutes so it firms up, and makes it easier for you to frost with your whipped cream.

    Whip remaining cream.
    Frost your cake with the white whipped cream. 
    Divide the cream into 6 portions and colour them accordingly.
    Pipe ruffles as per video instructions, but try to work your way up. 
    Decorate as you please with sprinkles, words, or toppers. 🙂 

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    Bon appetit!!