PAM The Healthier Cooking Alternative!


Besides using heart healthy EVOO. I often use a cooking spray for cooking and baking. 

PAM is great for all kinds of cooking. A 1 sec spray = only 9 calories! 
I use it for stir-fry, which very often need a lot of oil. 
I also use it for baking. Instead of buttering the pan, I use this which cuts my calorie and fat intake. 
Look at the comparison! Isn’t it amazing? 
It’s slightly pricey ($10.25 from Cold Storage), but definitely worth it! And it lasted me for about 3 months considering I cook almost every day. 
I think the company should be paying me for this post! LOL
But good things, must share… Agree?

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Tandoori Chicken Pita with Cucumber Mint Yogurt Dressing

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