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    Creamy Ricotta Pasta in 20 mins!

    Another super quick and easy meal for week night dinners or a quick lunch! I didn’t want to use heavy cream due to the fat content, so a healthier alternative is…

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    Hand Cut Baked Fries

    My girls have been asking for french fries… Yes, she has eaten fries, especially when we travel. However, it’s never a choice of food when we are home. Since she has…

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    Vegetarian Ham, Potatoes, and Beans

    Comfort food without the guilt! I was craving for this comfort food, but the thought of how unhealthy it is made me put it off for some time. However, I was…

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    Cereal Prawns (Healthier version)

    Cereal prawns are so addictive and so delicious simply because it is really really unhealthy, and loaded with fats. I attempted to make it healthier by substituting some ingredients and doing…

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    PAM The Healthier Cooking Alternative!

    Besides using heart healthy EVOO. I often use a cooking spray for cooking and baking.  PAM is great for all kinds of cooking. A 1 sec spray = only 9 calories! …