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    Nasi Lemak, Otah, Sambal Chilli, Corn Kueh, & Curry Bun with Ayam Brand


    Some of you may have seen snapshots of a very yummy event that my husband and I attended last Saturday. I got an invite from the good people of Ayam Brand Singapore to attend a heritage cooking event. Ayam Brand carries a range of cooking products that I use very often to create many of my dishes. I especially love their curry paste (Nyonya Curry FusilliSpicy Peanut SauceAsian Lasagne) and trim coconut milk (Low-fat nasi lemak). From the month of June to November, Ayam Brand is organising a Singapore Memory Project – Memory Maker Series at the local libraries. Mdm Tay Tong San, the culinary instructor who taught us how to make all the yummy dishes at the event will be conducting free cooking demos on local heritage dishes from June to November at the libraries. Event Schedule can be found HERE

    We had so much fun making corn hoon kueh, nasi lemak, achar, otah, curry buns, and sambal chilli. Recipes can be found at the bottom of this post. Now, some pictures to whet your appetite! 

    Of course we have to start off with a selfie!

    Our Otah ready for the oven!

    Making corn hoon kueh. It was incredibly easy! Something the kids can help out too!

    Ready to marinade/pickle my achar.

    Watching Mdm Tay fry up that sambal.
    The whole place smells amazing!

    Peek into my otah will you?

    Our buns in the oven.

    And ready to be eaten. I’m salivating so bad now…

    Sambal Chilli done! This recipe is unique as it uses tuna instead of anchovies or shrimps.

    All put together for a completely delicious meal!

    Want to take a closer look at my buns? 😉

    Not forgetting a picture with Mdm Tay, the very friendly culinary instructor.
    Recipes can be found HERE. Click to get Mdm Tay Tong San’s recipes and start making your heritage dishes with Ayam Brand today. 🙂 Bon appetit!!