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Sunday Rosti Brunch

Making rosti from scratch can be a pain! Good thing I’m only making for 2-3 person, so not much grating was involved. I made this because I had a couple of potatoes sitting around in my kitchen, and I didn’t have any plans for them. I also didn’t want to make sautéed potatoes for breakfast, so I gave rosti another go.

I made a rosti base pizza once, I loved it but did not like one bit of the prep work. At the end of grating all that potatoes, I couldn’t quite feel my arm. A good pre-dinner work out though. If you are making a big batch, use a food processor to help you shred your potatoes!

Ingredients (serves 2)

  • 2 potatoes
  • 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 turkey bacon
  • 2 eggs
  • 4-5 cups of baby spinach
  • Salt and pepper

Bring a large pot of water to boil.
Parboil unpeeled potatoes for about 8 mins.
Drain and leave to cool.
Fry your eggs, and turkey bacon.

When potatoes are cool to touch, peel off skin.
Grate it into a large mixing bowl.
Season with 2 tbsp olive oil, salt, and pepper.
Mix well, divide into 2 portions.
Heat pan on med heat with 1 tbsp oil, place one portion of the grated potato on hot pan.
Flatten with spatula and shape it, then leave to cook for 12-15 mins until base is golden brown.
Flip carefully and cook the other side until golden brown too.
Side aside for plating.

Heat pan on med high with 1 tbsp oil.
Add spinach, season with salt and pepper, and sauté until wilted.
Remove from heat.

Plate it and serve!
Bon appetit!!

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