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    HIFU & Botox update with SL Clinic

    About 3 weeks back I shared my SL Clinic BOTOX experience on this blog post. I’m am extremely happy to update that I’m loving how things have turned out. Not waking up to a nagging jaw pain is such a blessing and I no longer worry about my teeth suffering from hairline cracks from clenching and grinding of my teeth while I sleep. Besides that, people around me have been commenting that I lost weight, around the face area at least! haha!  This time, I’m back at SL Clinic to see Dr Kelvin Chua for my first Hifu experience. With age, comes the loss of collagen and saggy skin. Although I’m not at the stage where my skin is deeply wrinkled or saggy, signs of ageing are definitely showing. There are lines around my eyes when I smile, and areas on my cheeks that show mild skin depressions that I have noticed. During my consultation with Dr Chua, he explained that those are caused by the loss of collagen. Sure, I can use fillers to fill those areas, but that doesn’t address the deeper issue. So he suggested Hifu for the lower half of my face as that is the area that […]

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    My (not so) Secret Project

    It's really nice to hear from some of you via DMs and private message, asking if everything is okay as I've been rather quiet lately. You all are such sweethearts and…