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    Rosemary Wholewheat Bread

    The husband has been hinting a lot lately, about how the girls need more wholewheat in their diet. Mind you, I only buy wholewheat bread for the family. But he was lamenting about how commercial wholemeal bread is probably not really wholemeal. And he asked if I would like to back something for the girls. Quite honestly, I knew he wanted me to bake him something instead of ‘for the girls’. See, the husband rarely, if ever would explicitly request for me to do something. He doesn’t want to make me feel obligated, so he would drop really obvious hints (although he thinks he is quite subtle). I can’t say no to that gorgeous man that’s ever so supportive and loving! Plus he said, it’s for the girls! The more I HAVE TO do it, even though I’d prefer not to work with dough. :p Friends asked why I don’t like working with dough. I think it’s because I’ve picked up so much playdoh after I had the girls, that I’ve develop a phobia towards that kind of texture. Imagine having to clean playdoh in nooks and crannies, remove them from clothes, fabrics, and don’t even get me started on the ones stuck […]

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    30 minutes Bread Rolls

    In my previous bread post, I made bread for the first time. I shared that my youngest girl fell in love with Pandesal (Filipino Bread Rolls), so I made it for…

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    Chia Seeds Banana Bread

    Super simple one bowl bake that does not require a mixer at all! Well, ok maybe 2 if you consider the other bowl that you prepare the flour in. Quite honestly,…