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    Grilled Maple Chicken on Quinoa Salad

    Trying to think up healthy yet appealing dishes to entice the kids can be quite challenging. My girls are pretty good eaters, given that they were brought up with the rule of “always try before saying I don’t like it”. So they are quite good about trying food that are new to them. However, when I introduce food that’s unfamiliar to them I try my best to make sure that it will appeal to their taste-buds. Using their favourite vegetables, I toss up this quinoa salad that is not only appealing to their taste-buds, but also the pop of colours was enticing as well. Paired it with a fragrant and slightly caramelized grilled maple chicken, and their favourite baby beans. I knew I’m going to win their hearts that evening. Did you know that quinoa has many proven health benefits? It is one of the world’s most popular super food that is very nutrious high in protein gluten-free loaded with fiber contains all 9 essential amino acids has low glycemic index rice in zinc, iron, magnesium, and many vitamins supports weight loss high in anti-oxidant prevents heat disease  has anti-inflammatory properties improves digestion  and many more. If you are interested to […]

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    Orange Spot Prawns

    The prawn we have available in Singapore are the grey prawns, tiger prawns, red leg prawns, and vannamei prawns. Many of which are farmed in Asia. There is also another variety of…

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    Braised Chicken in Oyster Sauce

    Any food with the word ‘braise’ in it, automatically triggers salivation for me. It is a healthy slow cooking method that produce healthy, yet flavour-some food that is tender and falls apart in…

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    One Pot Chicken Biryani

    I’ve always wanted to make chicken biryani. So when I was flipping through a paleo cookbook and saw it, I sprung into action. Rummaged through my pantry and found all the…