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    Thyme Mustard Creamy Chicken (Gluten-free)

    Bought a bunch of thyme and had so much left in my fridge. Froze some for use later, made some thyme tea to drink, and used some for this recipe. I wanted to make Creamy Chicken with Asparagus, but couldn’t find any asparagus at my local grocery store. However, broccolini was on offer so I bought some to substitute for asparagus.  My girls call it the skinny broccoli. They are big fan or broccoli, but they have this weird habit of eating the buds and leaving the trunks. However, they will eat broccolini whole. Buds, trunks, stems, stalk, or whatever the girls call it.   Since I’ve already made the family a honey mustard pork chop meal a few days ago, I thought I’d make something cream based. I kept it gluten-free by using tapioca flour instead of regular flour to dredge the chicken breasts. Served with sweet potato mash for the husband and I. The girls had it with gluten-free penne pasta tossed in the glorious creamy sauce. Feel free to use regular all purpose flour if you don’t mind the gluten.