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    Hong Kong Style Steamed Cod + Giveaway

    Quick, simple, homely, and healthy. This is what this dish is about. A house favourite approved by both the young and old. Even my super picky elder daughter asked for 2nd serving after she reluctantly tasted it after some coaxing, although she didn’t want to admit to it. Our conversation went like a little something like this: Mel: “Is this fish Mom? I don’t like it.” Me: “Just try it, you just don’t remember if you like it or not.” Mel: “Ooook. *took a bite* Ermmmm, mom. Can you please put more on my plate?! Like a bit piece. Because fish is really good for my brain, and I want my brain to grow. :D”  Me: “Riiiiiggghhhttt…” What made this dish even tastier was that all the ingredients was delivered to me fresh from the wet market, while I ordered it from Market Fresh the night before. My personal shopper picked out the best and freshest ingredients at the wet market and delivered it right to my doorstep. Such a blessing because the next day, it was pouring! Imagine having to brave the rain, walk 15 minutes to the wet market, and then do over on the way back. Not to mention […]

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    Sriracha Lime Scallops

    I am so excited to share with you Corningware new range of non-stick Retroflam cookwares. Yes, that’s right, non-stick. πŸ™‚ I’m sure we are all familiar with Corningware. When mentioned, the first…

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    (Review) Dining at Cedele

    There are times when I want to go out on a dinner date with the husband. But the same questions plague us, over and over again. Where do we go for…