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    Sesame Fried Chicken Wings


    Are you a fan of fried chicken wings? If you are, then I’ve got the perfect winner-winner chicken dinner recipe for you. If you aren’t then this recipe is going to win you over! It only takes 5 minutes to put together and another 5 or so to cook it. Amazingly simple and guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds! 


    The secret to these speedy sesame wings is Mizkan‘s ready to use sauces. For this dish, I used Mizkan’s Versatile Sesame Sauce. It has a nutty aroma with a slight tinge of sweetness which is great to use it for marinating food, cooking, dipping sauce, and as a dressing. The possibilities are endless. In this recipe, the sauce was used to marinade the wings and tossed to coat the wings after frying for a more intense flavour. 

    I made a portion to feed 4 as a side. However, my youngest daughter who is only 6, devoured almost half the portion on her own before I could stop her. She quickly requested for me to make it again, and claimed this to be her new favourite food. I wouldn’t mind given that it requires very little ingredients and can be made in a jiffy. Do give it time for the wings to marinade in the sauce. I’d recommend marinating in a ziplock baggie overnight for best result.  

    NTUC Fairprice is hosting a Japan Fair during 3rd to 16th of May. This particular Mizkan Versatile Sesame Sauce will be promoted during that time with sampling period for this sauce. Do pop by to give it a taste test!

    You will be able to find Mizkan Sesame Sauce at NTUC major stores including

    • NTUC Finest Bukit Timah Plaza
    • NTUC Finest Bishan Junction 8
    • NTUC Finest Bedok Mall
    • NTUC Finest Jurong Point
    • NTUC Hyper Ang Mo Kio Hub
    • NTUC Hyper Hougang One
    • NTUC North Point City
    • NTUC Tampines Mall

    Sesame Fried Chicken



    • 500 g chicken mid wings
    • 4 tbsp Mizkan Versatile Sesame Sauce
    • 3-4 tbsp cornflour
    • Oil for deep frying

    Coating Sauce

    • 2-3 tbsp Mizkan Versatile Sesame Sauce
    • Sprinkle with white & black sesame seeds


    • Marinade chicken in Mizkan Versatile Sesame Sauce for at least 1 hour. But preferably, over-night.
    • Drip off excess sauce and coat chicken with corn flour.
    • Heat up oil over medium heat for deep frying.
    • To check if oil is ready, insert a wooden chopstick into the oil. If it starts bubbling, it's ready.
    • Fry chicken wings for about 5 minutes or until golden and cooked through.
    • Toss fried chicken with coating sauce and serve immediately.

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