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  • Cake Dessert

    Milo Pound Cake

    This post is especially dedicated to all the people who visited my blog and used my recipes. Thank you so much for supporting Delishar! I created this blog 1 month and…

  • Cake Dessert

    Eggless Milo-tiramisu!

    Another Milo recipe?! YES! How can anybody NOT love Milo?! I have always made Tiramisu the eggless way, so I thought to myself… Why can’t I make it with Milo? That…

  • Cake Dessert

    Milo Molten Lava Cake

    I am not kidding when I said I’m a Milo addict. I take my Milo very seriously… I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a molten lava cake…

  • Cookies Dessert

    Milo Cookies!

    Be warned! These cookies will not last very long! Mine was half gone just waiting for it to cool on the cooling rack. I made them before with a little more…