Ham and Egg Grilled Cheese Sandwich

 This is the husband’s most requested breakkie. I tried it with bacon but ham turned out to be the family favourite. Everything we like to have for breakfast compacted in a sandwich with a crunchy golden crust. When you bite into it, it oozes gooey melted cheese and messy egg-plosion! Try it, and it might just become your family’s favourite too!
We like a runny yolk, so we will under cook the egg in the egg pan as the egg will continue to cook when sandwiched between the bread on the frying pan. Pepper jack has a little kick to it. For a kid friendly alternative, use cheddar or mozzarella.

Grilled Breakfast Sandwich

Multiple serving to serve more. Use a large grill pan to make more simultaneously
Servings 1


  • Butter
  • 2 slices of wholewheat bread or thick toast
  • 1 egg
  • 6 thin slices of shaved ham
  • 2 slices of pepper jack cheese or about 6 tbsp shredded cheese that you prefer
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Oil egg pan, and heat using medium low heat
  • Break an egg in egg pan, season with salt and pepper, cook it till whites are 90% cooked but yolk is runny.
  • Spread one side of both slices of the wholewheat bread
  • Place a piece of bread, buttered side down on the pan
  • Build your sandwich by adding the cheese, ham, egg, cheese, and other slice of bread, buttered side up)
  • Grill until golden brown, pushing it down occasionally.
  • Flip it and grill the other side of the sandwich to get a nice crunchy crust.
  • Usually about 1-2 mins.
  • Serve immediately.

Bon appetit!!

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    John J Foster
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    like it, will give it ago this weekend, yum yum

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